New Studio is underway!

My new studio has been quite a renovation adventure. I have not had the chance to make much work while working ON the studio. The space was dated and needed alot of TLC to make it “rentable” to anyone. We negotiated terms for me to renovate the space to my needs. Its coming along great, worth all the sweat equity.

We removed divider walls, some 1970’s wood paneling, and the drop ceiling. Believe it or not, that gorgeous vaulted ceiling was hidden behind dank musty drop ceiling tiles. AND that huge window was not even visible, when we did remove the ceiling the window was painted over! After scraping and cleaning, it revealed a great source of light. By the way…yes, that is a toilet in the back of the room. There is another bathroom behind that wall, so we gutted the one that you see in this picture.

With the help of my friends, I’ve transformed the space to my new dream studio! “After” photos coming soon…


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